Powering Up Professional Learning

October 11, 2019
Red Lion Hotel, Cromwell
Free Event!
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Featured speaker

 Dr. Joe Bisz 

Professor, Presenter, Researcher

 What’s Your Game Plan? Designing for a Creative Professional Development

Imagine you’re teaching a lesson on citations. What does this lesson, the game “Trivial Pursuit,” and the mechanic “Bluffing” all have in common? This hands-on workshop will teach you how to incorporate mechanics from non-digital games and learning principles so that we can design our lessons, trainings, or problem-solving sessions to be more playful. Together with fellow leaders, you will then brainstorm and design a fun and rigorous activity-game that your teachers and students will love.

Joe Bisz is a national professional development speaker, educational games designer, creative writer, and an English professor at City University of New York (CUNY). His book The Allure of Play: The Educator’s Guide to Game-based Learning, will be published by West Virginia University Press (co-authored with Victoria Mondelli). He co-founded the professional development group the CUNY Games Network, delivered over 80 presentations outside his college, and was awarded 13 grants. Joe has spoken to many educators and managers who desire high-impact pedagogies and technologies: game-based learning is the best tool he’s found for this mission.

Come for this presentation and stay for more presented by Connecticut technology education leaders!
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